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The World Affairs Council of the Desert needs a robust membership to bring our community, at affordable cost, nationally recognized guest speakers on a broad range of World Affairs subjects. The cordial social setting for our dinners at the Thunderbird Country Club, Rancho Mirage CA. This venue provides a unique opportunity for our members to meet and conduct intellectual discourse with those of similar interests. You will have an opportunity to personally meet our distinguished speakers and to participate in the question and answer period. Membership of any organization is important to its robust continuity. New members can bring new ideas and see things with a new set of eyes, thus enhancing overall effectiveness as an organization and the community. This year we are encouraging each of our members to invite one guest to attend one of our dinners so they will see how their membership will bring added value to our organization. If all our current members bring in just one new member, we will double our ranks for this coming season. I want to make this year "The year of membership." With your support we can make this happen.



Mr. & Mrs. David Thatcher

Mr. Mark Thatcher

BG (R) Guido Portante & Pamela Green

MG (R) & Mrs. Kenneth Bouldin

Mr. Frank Jones, Palm Springs Life

Dr. & Mrs. John Welty

Dr. Ed Tauber

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Porter

Phil & Becky Smith

LTG (R) Herb Temple

Mr. and Mrs. John Westerholm

Ms. Elaine Dexter

Mr. Philip Glass

Mr. Charles Hay

Ms. Cynthia Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kramer

Mr. James McFarlin

Ms. Katharine Russell

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Marcia Stein

Ms. Elizabeth Vanderbilt Hay

Meegan and Nicolas Villa

Ms. Karen Speros

Mr. and Mrs. Yul Roe

Ms. Mary Lehman

Mr. Richard Longmire

Ms. Doris Wilson

Mr. Shad Lamm

Jane and James Woolley

Mr. James Bruner

Mr. Patrick Lizza

Ms. Diane Schlesinger

Ms. Emily Sparks

Ms. Ronda Edwards

Joel Kinnamon

Manuel Perez

Ms. Elisa Silva

Mr. Ron Baumann




Mr. Mike Avila 

Mr. Charles Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson

Mr. Brian Daly

Mr. and Mrs. Dell'Acqua

Ms. Eileen Feldman

Ms. Cynthia Hilland

Dr. Mary Howell

Ms. Liza Ivins

Key Vashti

Mr. Steve Lachs and Michael Ruvo

Ms. Judy Mathes

Mr. and Mrs. Mccool

Colonel and Mrs. F.P. Meinhardt

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Miles

David Ponsar and Terry Anderson

Mr. James Rosenbloom

Ms. Wilhemina Schnitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Pendleton Siegel

Ms. Marie Staudhammer

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Swanson

Bert Weaver and Chris Norman

Ms. JoAnn Wellner

Mr. Bates Westerberg

Nan Shipp and Brent Jones

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