thomas wright

Sunday, April 8, 2018

All Measures Short of War: The Future of American Power


Russia and China are increasingly revisionist. The Middle East appears to be unraveling. And many Americans question why the United States should lead. What will the competition between world powers look like in the decades ahead? Will the liberal world order survive? What impact will geopolitics have on globalization? And, what strategy should the United States pursue to succeed in an increasingly competitive world? Wright will explore these questions in his lecture.

all measures short of warAbout Wright's Book

Wright's book, All Measures Short of War: The Contest For the 21st Century and the Future of American Power (Yale University Press, 2017), discusses new methods of influence being used by Russia and others to turn the strengths of the liberal order against itself. In an intriguing interview with Henry Farrell of The Washington Post, Wright answers some questions about what the prospects of the United States might be as a world power.

"Farrell: You are pretty skeptical about Europe's ability to manage Russia and solve its own problems without U.S. support. Does this mean that the recent efforts of European leaders like Angela Merkel to build a stronger Europe separate from the United States are likely to fail, or has Europe's situation changed?

"Wright: Yes, I think European efforts at greater cooperation are positive and should be encouraged but they will not be enough to replace the United States in Europe. The gap is simply too big..."